Rapsodo announced the launch of its latest golf product, the Mobile Launch Monitor 2 Pro (MLM2PRO™), on 25 January. The device was unveiled at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando and will be available on April 1st, 2023 for 799.99€.

The MLM2PRO™ is a successor to the original Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM), designed with radar technology and machine learning to help golfers analyse their swing and measure metrics such as distance, ball speed and shot dispersion. The new MLM2PRO™ also offers measured spin metrics and full golf simulation capabilities. It uses two new dual cameras and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The MLM2PRO™ is the official personal launch monitor of Golf Digest’s Hot List and offers improved features over the original model.


1. Advantages of the Rapsodo MLM2PRO

Precise data: A combination of high-speed cameras and LIDAR sensors capture precise data about the golf swing and the flight behaviour of the golf ball.

Real-time visualisation: The captured data can be visualised in real time on a user-friendly platform to give players and coaches a quick and intuitive overview of their performance.

Mobility: The MLM2PRO is lightweight and easy to transport, so it can be used anywhere, whether in the training room or on the field.

Comprehensive data analysis: The Golf Launch Monitor provides a variety of data points, including stroke speed, stroke direction, spin rate and more, allowing players and coaches to identify their strengths and weaknesses and work specifically on their technique.

Easy to use: The MLM2PRO is simple to operate and can be used without much prior technical knowledge.

2. Rapsodo MLM2PRO vs. Rapsodo MLM

The new Rapsodo Golf Launch Monitor is no longer just for iPhone users – everyone can benefit from the upgrades to MLM2PRO.

Here are the key differences:

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Dual Optical Camera Vision combines two cameras with radar technology to monitor your swing
  • Golf simulation with 30,000 courses, virtual driving range and compatibility with third-party simulation software
  • Measurement of spin rate, spin axis and angle of descent
    enhanced video analysis and data visualisation
  • a new golf app
    comes with special Callaway golf balls for precise spin measurements
  • you no longer have to use your mobile phone and consume its battery
  • the price of the Rapsodo MLM2PRO is 799.99€.

3. Feature upgrade: 2 high speed cameras + radar technology

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO™ is a significant improvement over the original MLM as it has two built-in cameras, which means it is suitable for Android and iOS devices. The wide-angle “Shot Vision” camera is used to capture swing video with shot tracking on every shot. The 240 fps high-speed shutter camera “Impact Vision” takes a series of photos that are visualised as a short video in the MLM2PRO mobile app. The Rapsodo Swing Vision feature connects the MLM2PRO™ to a smartphone or tablet to provide multiple views of each golf swing, allowing the golfer to record video down-the-line and face-on.

4. Rapsodo MLM2PRO Golf Launch Monitor Data Points

With dual camera vision and Doppler radar technology, this Rapsodo Launch Monitor shows you a lot about your tee shot.

The MLM2PRO offers 13 measured and calculated metrics.

Here are the measured data points:

  1. Spin Rate
  2. Spin axis
  3. Ball speed
  4. Racket speed
  5. Angle of take-off
  6. Direction of the tee shot

These are the calculated data points for the Rapsodo MLM2PRO:

  1. Distance
  2. Total distance
  3. Take-off angle
  4. Apex
  5. Type of shot
  6. Lateral transport
  7. Smash factor

5. The Rapsodo Launch Monitor now with Golf Simulation

Thanks to the launch of the Rapsodo Range and Rapsodo Courses in conjunction with the MLM2PRO™, Rapsodo offers a virtual driving range and access to 30,000 golf courses worldwide. With the MLM2PRO™ premium membership, golfers can choose from an extensive list of golf courses and play virtually anywhere in the world. In addition, MLM2PRO™ is compatible with various simulation software providers such as E6 Connect and Awesome Golf to provide more variety and entertainment. More integrations are planned in the future to expand the options for MLM2PRO™ subscribers.

6. Premium Golf Membership - first year free of charge

The use of the Rapsodo MLM2PRO Golf Launch Monitor is also possible without a premium membership. But for the full functionality of the device, a membership is recommended. The cost of membership is $200, however the first year is free. Below is an overview of the benefits of premium membership:

  • Cloud video storage (10,000 videos)
  • Replay in slow motion
  • Session Insights
  • Rapsodo Combine
  • Spin Rate, Spin Axis (Callaway® RPT™ Ball)
  • Rapsodo Courses
  • Rapsodo Range
  • Impact Vision
  • Dual Camera

7. New Rapsodo MLM, new Golf App

If you are wondering whether you can transfer your data from the previous model of Golf Launch Monitor to the new MLM2PRO, unfortunately this is not possible as the two devices use different apps. However, there is good news: The MLM2PRO app is now available for both iOS and Android. You can easily download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

8. Partnership with Callaway

The new 2023 Portable Golf Launch Monitor provides golfers with even more comprehensive data to analyse their game. The MLM2PRO™ displays a total of six readings within 13 core metrics, including brand new data points such as launch angle, spin rate and spin axis. A special addition to the latest golf monitor is the ability to measure both spin rate and spin axis, made possible through a partnership with Callaway Golf. The MLM2PRO™’s Impact Vision camera captures and processes images of ball rotation to provide these important measurements to better determine overall carry distance and trajectory. With the purchase of the MLM2PRO you will also receive three Callaway® RPT™ golf balls for free.

9. Another launch monitor/simulator under $1,000

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO and Swing Caddie SC4 have revolutionised the golf industry by challenging the sub-$1,000 Garmin Approach R10 in terms of golf tee monitors with simulations. Previously, the Garmin R10 was the only tee-off monitor in this price range that offered simulation. At the 2023 PGA Show, Rapsodo and Voice Caddie presented two tee monitors in the same category.

Be one of the first to receive the valuable Rapsodo MLM2PRO. Improve your golf performance now with this revolutionary tracker!

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